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Interior Design and Landscaping Study
Furniture store in Sitges

Here is where interior design meets Mediterranean light. In Nunue we take the essence of our environment and passionate about our work, we develop projects for indoor and outdoor spaces, and we accompany it with a wide selection of products in our showroom.

We invite you to know how we can create the interior design project or for the exterior of your house, to make it very personal, in a welcoming way for who inhabits it while transmits character to the visitor.

Interior design

Interior Design Projects

Houses that transmit life, that are related to its environment and that give warmth to those who live them.


We like to know who will live in each house, and in each of its spaces, in order to give it the functionality and character that make its habitat personal.


We invite you to review the projects we have developed through our more than 20 years of experience, and to discover together what we can do to create the house of your dreams.


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Interior design

Exterior design

Landscaping Projects

Here, on the shore of the Mediterranean, we like to live between the sea and the sky. We give the same importance to the exterior of our house, than to the interior. The gardens, the terraces, and any space that allows us to be outdoors, are also a priority.


In Nunue we have taken this cultural heritage and use it in every project by updating it to the new trends and uses that the client needs. But our purpose is always the same: to make the exteriors of your home a personal design.


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