Interior desing and decoration studio in Sitges, Barcelona


Our decoration projects are based on the expectations of our clients.

For this we listen to your needs and ideas and we offer you a proposal of our professional knowledge and experience with a unique and personalized design.

Interior architecture projects in Sitges, Barcelona

All our projects have the same importance, our challenge is to surprise every day and to offer the best to our clients. For nunue is so important the interior decoration: a room, as the decoration of exteriors: build the aspirations of a small terrace or a large house.

With our sketches, plans and images in 3 D is achieved in the preliminary phase of the project to visualize the aspect that will have after the completion of the work. This facilitates the client to make changes before beginning the work in situ and to be able to check on the images

1 The appearance that will have at the end the same
2 The materials you have chosen
3 colors
4 the textures
5 How will lighting