Services of interior design and landscaping

Our services include design consultancy, interior design, interior architecture projects in homes, premises or commercial buildings, shops, official bodies or corporate headquarters.

Our decoration studio is located in Sitges (Barcelona) and we provide our services both in Sitges, of course in Barcelona, and throughout Catalonia and the rest of Spain.

We manage our projects of interior design or landscaping with our team of decorators and architects.


Projects of Decoration and design of interiors and exteriors: phases

In all our work we apply the following methodology, always in close collaboration with our clients:



Ante Project

This phase of the project is to study the general needs of the client and to develop distribution proposals until defining the one that fits to the precise. These will be in plans with the new distribution proposals, renderings or 3D images to see the perspectives of the design and also reference images.


Basic project

Once finalized the works of ante project is deepened and details more aspects such as finishes, materials, definition of furniture and other elements, etc. Being able to reinforce the exclusivity with pieces specially designed for the project.


Executive Project

It is the last phase of the project and includes all kinds of details necessary for the proper development of the project. Detailed plans, installations, etc. are made. And the finishes, colors, textures, materials, furniture, lighting, plantation, shade and water spaces, etc. are defined.



Construction management

The client can contract if the company / s or industrialists who are going to carry out the works and we carry out the coordination and supervision of all of them. Controlling the quality, budget and desired deadlines. The degree of intervention will be according to the needs of each client in the project.


Turnkey project

When the customer does not want or have the time to deal with the industrialists involved in the work, we can contract this integral service and we will be their only interlocutor and control from the beginning of the project until the completion of the work, including the Furnishing, props and any necessary items.