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It’s important to design a space adapting it to your routine and above all to make the most of it without losing the design.

In this blog we bring you the design of a bathroom for a suite which was made a project from the presentation of distribution from the plan, a proposal of materials, lighting and finishes to the comprehensive reform, thinking about the needs and tastes of the client.

One of the a priori elements in the space was to include nature since it is very present because of the large window that brings a lot of natural light. For this reason, elements lacquered in stone colors and a neutral wall and floor covering are combined to enhance both the interior and exterior space.

Including these materials, what was done is to give it a great visual amplitude that thanks to small decorative touches and playing with different textures create a totally personal atmosphere.

The bathroom and shower spaces were divided to give more privacy with great versatility so that they can be used independently also using glass doors so as not to lose all the characteristics that the set provides.

Finally, a different touch was added including in the bathroom a small sauna that gives warmth thanks to the wood in the environment that teleports you to a special and unique tranquility.

As you could see, both the bathroom and the suite are harmonized since it was part of the project and gives it that spark of color with the custom dressing room with a door covered in a textured pistachio green paper.

And what would the ideal bathroom be like for you? Leave us your comments or ask for more information about renovation projects for the space of your choice!

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