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Furniture and decoration brands in Sitges, Barcelona

Interior and Exterior Design Products

Our indoor and outdoor decoration projects incorporate brands with very exclusive and innovative designs. This allows us to give the style that is desired in each proposal of interior or exterior. As a reference these are some of the brands we distribute:

The Hülsta brand is synonymous with quality. These are products designed and manufactured in Germany. Its design is both modern and timeless. This manufacturer understands furniture as part of the personality of its customers, this is reflected from choosing the raw materials to the last detail of their finishes. Hülsta is currently the reference point for modular furniture of the highest quality.

The Clei brand is a reference in design oriented towards integration and convertibility. Its modular and versatile furniture programs are a solution that combines design with practical solutions for homes, apartments and businesses. The combination of shelves, sofas, tables and desks, etc. that are transformed from day to furniture version night, with comfortable beds without needing big movements. Spectacular solutions always marked by a great quality of its products.

The Vondom brand is currently a great reference of furniture in Spain, having conceived materials of great resistance and projected by great designers such as the studio A-cero (Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares), Javier Mariscal, Karim Rashid, Ramón Esteve, etc. Offering unique collections, original, innovative, functional, pure lines and design.

The Andreu World brand that uses innovative, ecological and sustainable materials. Versatile pieces that adapt to all types of spaces and collections that offer comfort and ergonomics. The timber comes only from FSC certified forests. Renowned designers have also created pieces of their production such as Joan Lao, Patricia Urquiola, etc.

The brand Gandia Blasco was born as we know it today less than two decades ago, but burst with proposals of innovative and Mediterranean designs that provide freshness, character, simple lines and aspects sober and at the same time delicate. It is a reference that appear their products reflected in photographic reports of the most well-known decoration magazines.

The brand Expormim has undergone an amazing evolution in recent years, have expanded horizons connecting indoor and outdoor with consistency, using resistant materials without losing design and comfort. The versatility of its collections lies in the combination of materials such as steel, aluminum, teakwood, polyester strings, porcelain, braided fibers, etc.

Manutti is a brand that redefines outdoor luxury. The moments of tranquility, connection and fascination are the most important thing in life. They promote harmony and relaxation outdoors, under the radiant and energizing sun, to enjoy these moments with the people we love. Luxurious furniture designs that seek to inspire, delight and unite people in outdoor spaces.

Renson Is a leading manufacturer specialized in sun protection. Protected against sun and rain while maintaining cozy spaces that helps a better usage of outdoors, both in gardens and on terraces. These are custom systems that integrate within the environment in a modern design. The high quality of the products covers the needs of the most demanding customers.

Treku where ships were built for centuries, they developed luxury furniture. Almost 70 years after its foundation, times have changed, designs have changed but the tenacity and artisan tradition remain.

Casadesus It was founded in 1973. Today it is a family business guided by a spirit of avant-garde design, which is committed to the quality, innovation, functionality and comfort of all its products. Focused on the realization of modern design sofas, traditional knowledge is not forgotten. This manufacturer carries out the entire production process internally, which implies an exhaustive quality control and customization.

KE Outdoor Design, with more than 30 years in the field of solar protection systems, stands out in the field thanks to its approach to providing original solutions, lasting over time, to meet the most demanding demands. Designs and manufactures awnings and specializes in shading structures that improve the habitability of the exterior. This brand offers versions and formats, adapting to any habitat. The design, the materials and their adaptability make the products excellent options for gardens and terraces.

Makilux for those who value special things will not want to do without it in their awning. Because it is part of the façade, thereby modeling the external appearance. The commitment to continually bring new products to the market with great utility and aesthetically studied design is a markilux strategy that bears fruit. Not only the more than 60 patents, but also the numerous awards for design and innovation characterize the quality and unmistakable technology of its awnings.